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Final posters on display


final001.jpg. Ebony Walker, 2014. Jon Final. Digital Print. 594x841mm.


final002.jpg. Elle Brennan, 2014. Jon Final. Digital Print. 594x841mm.


final003.jpg. Elle Brennan, 2014. Jon Final. Digital Print. 594x841mm.


final004.jpg. Ebony Walker, Elle Brennan, Olivia Nielsen, Chloe Reid, 2014. F Block. Digital Prints. 5 x A1.



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Displaying Posters in F Block

Today we trimmed all our posters and started the displaying process of the posters. Earlier on we had talked abut how we might want to present our posters and decided that we would like to display them in a circle or pentagon shape. We wanted to have them hanging rather than mounted to the wall as well.

We decided that having a pentagon shape hanging from the ceiling would be the easiest and then from that shape have the posters hanging off each side. We ended up using some wire stuff that Donna had a big roll of to bend into a pentagon shape and then tying on wood to the metal for extra support and it was quite flimsy with out it. We also spray painted it black to give it a nicer finish.

We had some troubles with suspending it to the ceiling as it wasn’t hanging flat. We ended up using some string and tying each side to a piller to help suspend it.

Here are a couple of photos of what we managed to do.

2014-09-05 12.23.40   2014-09-05 12.23.48

We added the extra string that was to hang off the pentagon shape and have clips attached that then held the posters. When we did a test if this, they just weren’t staying level and were all over the place.

In the end we decided to just put a piece of string across one of the walls in F Block and hang the posters from that using the clips we already had.

Final Posters

Here are our final 5 posters in digital form. We spent today printing them which was a mission in itself. We need to re print Billy’s poster as it came out a lot smaller than it should have. Next class we are going to start installing them in F block. 


0001.jpg. Chloe Reid, 2014. Peter Final. Photoshop. 594x841mm.


0002.jpg. Olivia Nielsen, 2014. Donna Final. Photoshop. 594x841mm


0003.jpg. Elle Brennan, 2014. Ged Final. Photoshop. 594x841mm.


0004.jpg. Ebony Walker, 2014. Jon Final. Photoshop. 594x841mm.


0005.jpg. Elle Brennan, 2014. Billy Final. Photoshop. 594x841mm.

Putting the posters together

After talking about adding more bold colour and patterns to the posters here is what we now have for each poster. We all agree they look so much better. We have also decided that for the finals we are going to print the images with a white border around them just to break the poster up abit. 

Posters my me:

I have been focusing on Donna. I tried a number of different ideas with her. Using the Indian style background made by Elle and also paint splatters. I tried putting the two together as well to see what that would look like. I decided instead of her having denim pants I should find a crazy pattern to replace the denim. What I liked about Elzo Durt’s posters is that he uses bright colours for his characters skin so I experimented with this on the image of Donna. The paint splatters weren’t really working for me. I think they look to tacky. So as a compromise I have painted different colours on her face to suggest the idea of paint splatters. The last image is of Jon I had a go at adding some more colour to his poster but still keeping it flat and ‘sketch’ like to suggest the idea of a ‘building’ plan. It’s looking a little more like pop art with the background I have done. I have also added in some wood texture. 

donna FINAL  donna var 7  donna VAR 4donna var 8  donna var10  donna var9 donna var 9  donna var 6  jon var2

Posters by Chloe:

Peter has had an addition of a brain added to his illustration. Just to add abit more colour and humour to his poster. Chloe has also changed up the colours abit to help make the drawing stand out abit more from the background. I am really liking the first one.  

Peter  Peter 1   Peter 3

 Posters by Elle:

Billy’s poster was by far the most frustrating to make. Elle found some really awesome patterns to use but they were either to small/ or low in resolution or the colours were all to similar to everything else on the poster. Both Elle and I must have tried about 15 different patterns before we were both finally happy. We decided to try changing the colour of the pineapples too because this is something Elzo Durt would do. So Elle inverted them to get them blue and purple coloured. 


Posters by Ebony:

Ebony has been working on Jon’s poster. There has be a lot more texture added to his poster and abit more colour. 


Putting the posters together: Reflection

Today we met up after class to show what we had each come up with. The posters weren’t really doing it for us. Elle mentioned that she was thinking we needed to make them a little more crazy and like the researched examples we found right at the beginning. We went back and had a look at the artist model Elzo Durt who we really liked at the beginning and after looking at some of his posters (examples shown below) we decided we needed to add a lot more colour and crazy patterns. We don’t mind if people can’t make out who the people are on our posters thats all part of it.  We are now going to go back and add more bold colours and patterns to them. We still want to keep Jon reasonably plain and we still want each poster to describe each person but adding patterns and bold colours is now going to ask the question, is this how these people really are? and do they  contribute to F block as a transformative space in this way? 

Elzo Durt:

10532805_10152399644464219_8589557258848256852_n  download  images

Putting the Posters together

Today we each took a copy of the backgrounds one another had done and each picked a person that we would focus on, to start working with on the computer. We agreed that we would use textures for the clothing rather than just filling the drawings in with a flat colour in photoshop. Some of us did more than one person but we all had atleast one person that was going to be our main focus. Here is what each of us have come up with so far.

Posters by me:

donna var1  donna var 2  jon edit

Posters by Elle:

10495075_10152450026629219_4086963538332777582_o  10550042_10152450026694219_3601085942153685920_o  10626217_10152450026684219_8995927248129819500_o

10515237_10152450096329219_8661992742011755542_o  10551427_10152450064814219_5299736319063858557_o

Poster by Chloe:

peter var 2  peter var 3  peter var 1

background designs for billy

For Billy we want to use pineapples/ and or spray cans for his background. The examples below that we have come up with focus on repetition of the same image and scale. 

Backgrounds by me:

billy var 1  billy var1  billy var3

Backgrounds by Elle:

background1  background2  billy

Background designs for Peter

We really wanted to use the quote “flim flam” somewhere on Peters poster so we have decided that it would look good as a background. Here is what we have come up with. These backgrounds mostly explore different type faces and then once we put the drawing on top we will consider colour more. 

Backgrounds by me:

peter var1  peter var2  peter var3

Backgrounds by Chloe:

After showing the backgrounds that we came up with. We decided that Peter could do with some pattern behind him maybe too. 

peter 1

backgrounds for Ged

For Ged’s background we are focusing on animal prints. Mostly Leopard print and using colour to show business as Ged is always on the go. here is what we have come up with.

Backgrounds by me:

ged var 2  ged var 1  ged var3

ged var4

Backgrounds by Chloe:

leopard print