Displaying Posters in F Block

Today we trimmed all our posters and started the displaying process of the posters. Earlier on we had talked abut how we might want to present our posters and decided that we would like to display them in a circle or pentagon shape. We wanted to have them hanging rather than mounted to the wall as well.

We decided that having a pentagon shape hanging from the ceiling would be the easiest and then from that shape have the posters hanging off each side. We ended up using some wire stuff that Donna had a big roll of to bend into a pentagon shape and then tying on wood to the metal for extra support and it was quite flimsy with out it. We also spray painted it black to give it a nicer finish.

We had some troubles with suspending it to the ceiling as it wasn’t hanging flat. We ended up using some string and tying each side to a piller to help suspend it.

Here are a couple of photos of what we managed to do.

2014-09-05 12.23.40   2014-09-05 12.23.48

We added the extra string that was to hang off the pentagon shape and have clips attached that then held the posters. When we did a test if this, they just weren’t staying level and were all over the place.

In the end we decided to just put a piece of string across one of the walls in F Block and hang the posters from that using the clips we already had.


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