Putting the posters together: Reflection

Today we met up after class to show what we had each come up with. The posters weren’t really doing it for us. Elle mentioned that she was thinking we needed to make them a little more crazy and like the researched examples we found right at the beginning. We went back and had a look at the artist model Elzo Durt who we really liked at the beginning and after looking at some of his posters (examples shown below) we decided we needed to add a lot more colour and crazy patterns. We don’t mind if people can’t make out who the people are on our posters thats all part of it.  We are now going to go back and add more bold colours and patterns to them. We still want to keep Jon reasonably plain and we still want each poster to describe each person but adding patterns and bold colours is now going to ask the question, is this how these people really are? and do they  contribute to F block as a transformative space in this way? 

Elzo Durt:

10532805_10152399644464219_8589557258848256852_n  download  images


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