Putting the posters together

After talking about adding more bold colour and patterns to the posters here is what we now have for each poster. We all agree they look so much better. We have also decided that for the finals we are going to print the images with a white border around them just to break the poster up abit. 

Posters my me:

I have been focusing on Donna. I tried a number of different ideas with her. Using the Indian style background made by Elle and also paint splatters. I tried putting the two together as well to see what that would look like. I decided instead of her having denim pants I should find a crazy pattern to replace the denim. What I liked about Elzo Durt’s posters is that he uses bright colours for his characters skin so I experimented with this on the image of Donna. The paint splatters weren’t really working for me. I think they look to tacky. So as a compromise I have painted different colours on her face to suggest the idea of paint splatters. The last image is of Jon I had a go at adding some more colour to his poster but still keeping it flat and ‘sketch’ like to suggest the idea of a ‘building’ plan. It’s looking a little more like pop art with the background I have done. I have also added in some wood texture. 

donna FINAL  donna var 7  donna VAR 4donna var 8  donna var10  donna var9 donna var 9  donna var 6  jon var2

Posters by Chloe:

Peter has had an addition of a brain added to his illustration. Just to add abit more colour and humour to his poster. Chloe has also changed up the colours abit to help make the drawing stand out abit more from the background. I am really liking the first one.  

Peter  Peter 1   Peter 3

 Posters by Elle:

Billy’s poster was by far the most frustrating to make. Elle found some really awesome patterns to use but they were either to small/ or low in resolution or the colours were all to similar to everything else on the poster. Both Elle and I must have tried about 15 different patterns before we were both finally happy. We decided to try changing the colour of the pineapples too because this is something Elzo Durt would do. So Elle inverted them to get them blue and purple coloured. 


Posters by Ebony:

Ebony has been working on Jon’s poster. There has be a lot more texture added to his poster and abit more colour. 



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