Putting the Posters together

Today we each took a copy of the backgrounds one another had done and each picked a person that we would focus on, to start working with on the computer. We agreed that we would use textures for the clothing rather than just filling the drawings in with a flat colour in photoshop. Some of us did more than one person but we all had atleast one person that was going to be our main focus. Here is what each of us have come up with so far.

Posters by me:

donna var1  donna var 2  jon edit

Posters by Elle:

10495075_10152450026629219_4086963538332777582_o  10550042_10152450026694219_3601085942153685920_o  10626217_10152450026684219_8995927248129819500_o

10515237_10152450096329219_8661992742011755542_o  10551427_10152450064814219_5299736319063858557_o

Poster by Chloe:

peter var 2  peter var 3  peter var 1


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