3D pieces have ARRIVED!!!!!!

Today all the 3D pieces arrived which is awesome because I have arranged to put it together this weekend with Ray. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the pieces printed out quite the right size.. I could be wrong though as it is abit hard to tell when it isn’t assembled. This is something that I was told would be abit of trial and error and can sometimes take a few goes to get the exact size you are wanting. I am going to have to sand a few of the pieces and make the holes in some pieces a bit bigger to get the screws that I have fitting properly. It’s just little things really but all seem fixable. I do need to be careful that when i drill the holes bigger that there is enough material around it still for support. If needed I may be able to also locate some smaller screws. At the moment we are just trying to find the right size drill piece and we are going to test it on the thumb first because if it doesn’t work atleast the hand will just be missing a thumb rather than the other fingers.




Part Two Ideas

Depending on how much time I have left once the hand is all assembled and finished, I have been thinking about what else I might like to do as a ‘part two’ for this project. This project has already turned into something much more than I originally thought it would. I wasn’t expecting to make an actual 3D printed prosthetic hand. I was thinking I might have managed to get something small 3D printed but that is it. During this whole project I have be constantly amazed by what 3D printers can produce and how easy it can be. Learning about e-NABLE and what they do really got me excited about all possibilities there are with 3D printing. If I could pick just one message though that I want to share it would be how a 3D prosthetic hand costs you less yet allows you better movement, grip and more options for customization. This potentially means more people can afford a hand and not only that but have a hand specifically made to fit their needs. This message is what I would like ‘part two’ to be about. I am still not sure yet how I am going to present ‘part two’ though.

Material kit has ARRIVED!

Today I arrived home to find the material kit had arrived from 3D Universe (e-NABLE shop) and as a nice surprise they put in some gel finger grips for me to put over the fingers once the hand is completed. Just waiting on the 3D pieces form shapeways to arrive now.

2014-10-31 14.25.53 2014-10-31 14.29.29 HDR

Update on shipment

Everything has finally printed successfully and the 3D printed pieces from shapeways will be here by Tuesday which is perfect timing because the other materials I have had to order arrive on Tuesday also. I have arranged to meet with Ray who is helping me to assemble the hand next weekend  and if we still need more time to assemble it we have also organised to finish it on the following Monday and Tuesday. I am currently thinking about how I might want to present this project and whether or not there will be a part two.

Update from shapeways

I received an email from shapeways today. Unfortunately they are having trouble with printing the last couple of pieces, so the pieces didn’t ship out when they expected. The material keeps jamming for some reason. It’s not the file that’s causing the problem that they are aware of. They are going to get the printer looked at and in the meantime use another one to try and re print them. Depending if the printer they are now going to use works and it’s not the file that is the problem the pieces will be ready to be shipped on Monday (Tuesday our time). As long as they are shipped by the end of the week I will still have at least a week to put the hand together not including the due week. Hopefully nothing else goes wrong from here.

Opportunity for my hand to go to a child

Today I was asked when this project is finished if I would like to donate my hand to a child who is in need of one. There is a 6 1/2 year old girl in New Zealand who I could send it to when I am finished. I would love to do this. Because I have already sent away for the pieces there is a chance that it might not fit but when we scaled the pieces we were aiming for the size to be relevant to a 5-7 year old. So there is a really good chance it will be a perfect fit. If for some reason I don’t end up being able to give the girl the hand because it didn’t quite work they aren’t worried but I would still love to work with them to make sure this girl gets a hand. Because I have chosen to use a different material to normal for the hand I am currently making it is quite possible that i will not get to send this hand to the girl.

Update from shapeways

I have just had a look at how the printing is going. We are on track, the estimated shipping date is the 24th October (USA time) and there is only a few more pieces to go. With any luck they will be shipped today or tomorrow. The pieces will take no longer than 9 days to arrive so that will leave me with atleast a whole week to put the hand together which should be plenty of time.

Here are some screenshots of the update from shapeways.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.24.44 am Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.25.08 am

Additional Material lIst

Along with the 3D printed pieces I also require the following materials to help with assembling the hand. I have ended up purchasing the kit through e-Nable because I was finding it hard to locate all the materials here without having to order them in anyway, which could have taken abit of time. Atleast this way I know I have all the right things. The kit should arrive the end of next week, the same time as the 3D printed pieces from shapeways.

(4 feet) Velcro, double-sided (2” wide)

(8 feet) Non-flexible braided fishing line

(5 feet) Flexible elastic cord (1mm diameter, for smaller hands)

(5 feet) Flexible elastic cord (2mm diameter, for larger hands)

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 2½”

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 2¾”

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 3”

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 3¼”

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 3½”

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 3¾”

(4) Stainless Steel Chicago Screws – ¼”

(3) Stainless Steel Chicago Screws – ⅜”

(6) Stainless Steel Chicago Screws – ½”

(6) Tensioner screws (extra small)

(6) Tensioner screws (small)

(6) Tensioner screws (medium)

(6) Tensioner screws (large)

(10) Lee Tippi Micro Gel Fingertip Grips (only available through e-NABLE.  )

(12 inches) Firm Foam Padding (5 ¾” wide)

(1 roll) Teflon tape

Iron Man prosethetic hand

While working on this project I have been following closely the e-Nable facebook page and blog. Reading up about recent testimonials and new hands that have been/ in progress of being designed. Last week there was one that caught my attention. Pat Starace has recently finished designing an Iron man themed children’s prosthetic hand. The hand does not just include the colours of Iron man but many other features too such as a laser, thruster, voice activation and LED lights cycling through animated patterns in the palm. Something else that I think makes this hand extra sleek and aesthetically appealing is that all the cords etc have been hidden away and covered up, unlike the hand I am making where it is all exposed.


In the article Starace says “I had a vision that a 3D printed hand could be both functional and fun. My main goal is to help a child that is going through life with a disability, and facing everyday challenges in their lives, by making them the COOLEST KID in their school. I can only think this will make a great impact on a child during their early years by raising their self-esteem to Super Hero Levels.”

Just as I think I have seen it all, someone comes up with yet another idea pushing 3D printed prosthetics to the next level.

The link to the article is: http://3dprint.com/19219/3d-printed-iron-man-hand/. In the article there is a youtube clip showing all the features of the hand and how it works.

What we are aiming for

Once all the pieces have arrived and the hand has been assembled it should look very similar to the photo shown below. The only differences will be the size, bumps on the fingers for extra gripping and the colour of the hand.

Cyborg Beast hand by Jorge Zuniga

Cyborg-Beast-e1398332096812 shea2