Where to next?

Although the assessment is coming to an end I am still going to carry on with this project outside of class. I really want to be able to make sure the girl who doesn’t have a right hand gets one. I have been in contact with the family over the weekend and they are going to send me her measurements so I can make sure she gets a hand that fits perfectly. I have been talking to Ray and he is still going to help me with making a new hand for this girl. We have decided that we will make the hand so that it is about half a size up from what the girl requires, this way it will fit her for longer and in the meantime she can just add extra padding to make it fit her perfectly. I am going to order some ABS Filament which is the material that has been tested and proven the most successful to date when printing pieces for these prosthetic hands. The girl was pretty keen for a rainbow hand (image shown below that I drew up) but has decided she would just like a bright pink one now instead. White is such an impractical colour and will just get dirty so easily as I have already discovered. I am also going to order some glow in the dark ABS Filament just to print some pieces for fun in it to see what the result ends up turning out like. I don’t need to order any more materials for assembling it as I have most of them from the first attempt as I wasn’t able to use most of them. To save on cost I am not going to be getting these pieces printed by shapeways. Since ordering the pieces for my first attempt I have done some more research. Just this last week I met a guy locally who lives in New Plymouth and is an architect. He owns a 3D printer and uses it to print pieces to make miniatures of his designs that he is developing. He has offered to print all the pieces for us with the Filament that I provide and also help me to get the pieces the correct size. This will be so much better because we will be able to evaluate the pieces as they print and make adjustments as we require. The aim is to have this hand completed and given to this 6 1/2 year old by christmas. Depending on the result of this I may consider making something more out of this or creating my own design for a prosthetic hand in the future.



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