Overall I have had a lot of fun working on this project. I have learn’t so much. At the beginning I was hoping to maybe get to 3D print something small that might have been semi related to prosthetics or not at all. I never expected to get the opportunity to make my own prosthetic hand. I have really enjoyed collaborating with both e-NABLE and Ray Markham. I am still keeping up to date with e-NABLES blog and am hoping that some day I might get to go over and visit the building where it all happens. Ray has been awesome. His knowledge and enthusiasm has definitely helped getting this project to where it is now. It is a little bit disappointing that the hand didn’t quite come together as we had hoped it might. It would have just been such a great feeling to see a child putting it to use but at the same time it was an experiment and I did choose to try a material that had not yet been used for these prosthetic hands. It was all abit of a trial and error and seeing just how far this particular design could be pushed material wise. At the beginning I said that the thing that most amazed me about this technology was that anyone was capable of making themselves a prosthetic hand and that the 3D printed prosthetic hand could provide a child better grip and just as much movement if not more than a normal prosthetic hand. This is what I wanted to show. I believe that I have still done this. There are so many things I would have done differently if I had more time but because I had limited time and only discovered e-Nable half way through I had to make quick decisions to ensure materials etc would arrive on time. I have been looking at this project as just the beginning (research/ prototype/ testing stage) of something much bigger. This project has made me appreciate ‘collaboration’ and also this amazing technology that we have available to us.


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