Hand in action

Today I got a 5 year old to try on the hand and it fit perfectly. Unfortunately the palm got printed the wrong size so it will be too small for the child I was hoping to give it too. I asked Pearl the child who was wearing the hand for me to do a movement with the hand just to get the feeling of how it works and then I would start taking photos of her doing different things. Unfortunately after a few times of flexing the wrist the strings came through the holes at the top of two fingers. I quickly re threaded them and made the knots bigger but the little hex pieces now don’t fit properly in the tensioner block because the holes have stripped away and become to big to use. So I haven’t been able to take photos of it being used which is super disappointing. I have glued some of it together so hopefully that will hold everything in place for the presentation just for the sake of showing what it should look like. I will be able to show the class how it operates but not very much because it will brake again.

The material I have used has been the issue as it stripes away to easily. The material ‘flakes’ off every time the cord rubs against it. Because of this I haven’t been able to get the result I was hoping for and I haven’t been able to show the hand used to its full potential.


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