Putting the hand together: part two

Today we finished putting all the cords through. Thankfully the white non-stretchy cord was very thin so it didn’t matter so much that they holes weren’t very big. This cord had to go through the hole that’s right at the top of each finger, down through the channel along through into another channel in the bottom side of the hand and then pulled up so it goes along through the paths that you can see on the top of the palm. The cord then had to fit through theses very very tiny holes and then attached to the little hex pieces that fit into the tensioner block. This cord was much easier to thread because it wasn’t as thick until we got to the very tiny holes that the cord had to be pulled through at the top of the palm. We could only just fit a very thin needle through. We tried a number of different ways for puling the cord through but didn’t have luck. We broke a lot of needles and pins trying. I spent ages picking away at the hole trying to make it bigger and eventually got the cord through each of the holes. This probably took the longest out of everything to do.
The next step was to tie the cord through the little hex pieces that fit in the tensioner block and the use the screws to adjust the tension of them individually as needed. The hand is all put together now!!!!!!!







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