Putting the hand together: Part One

This has been such a painful process. Putting the hand together was suppose to be the quickest and most straightforward part but it has ended up being the most difficult. I thought the screws were going to be the main problem and the cords really easy but the cords have been such a mission. Because the hand is so small the holes are really small too. and you can’t drill the holes bigger because the holes/ channels run through the fingers. I ended up spending ages cleaning out the holes with a pin getting rid of all the powdery stuff that clogs the channels up. With some help I came up with a bit of a solution for threading the cords through more easily. I found a pin that fitted through the holes and the attached some thread to the  pin and then the other end of the thread to the actual cord I needed and using the pin i pulled it all through. It made everything so much easier and faster.

Here are some photos of putting the stretchy cord through the fingers and tying it all off. The stretchy cord goes through the hole where the ‘finger nail’ is then down through another hole that runs the cord through the finger phalange and then the cord comes out of a hole and then you do the same for the next finger and tie the two off together.

IMG_0173 IMG_0175 IMG_0176 IMG_0177 IMG_0179 IMG_0181


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