Some Success

We weren’t able to make the holes bigger in the end to fit the smallest screw we could find because there wasn’t enough material around them for support. So instead we have used the original holes and come up with a new solution. We have used some coated fibre glass rod to act in as the ‘screws’ that hold the different pieces together. The bits of rod have been cut to the exact size and are wedge in the holes but have enough room for the joints to be able to move smoothly. It has worked out real nice and the fibre glass blends in with the plastic so it actually looks nice and tidy rather than having these bulky screws showing. We will still be using some screws to attach the last couple of bits (foam, velcro and tensioner block) but they shouldn’t make the hand look to clunky. The piece of rod you can see going straight across the palm does still need to be cut but we are going to leave this right till the end.

Still to do:
– Put the foam padding in the palm and gauntlet.
– Sew and screw the velcro on.
– Put the cords through and screws into the tensioner block.
– Check tension and alter if needed.
– Clean the hand.
– Take photos.
Goal is to have this all completed by the end of the weekend.

IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0172


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