3D pieces have ARRIVED!!!!!!

Today all the 3D pieces arrived which is awesome because I have arranged to put it together this weekend with Ray. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the pieces printed out quite the right size.. I could be wrong though as it is abit hard to tell when it isn’t assembled. This is something that I was told would be abit of trial and error and can sometimes take a few goes to get the exact size you are wanting. I am going to have to sand a few of the pieces and make the holes in some pieces a bit bigger to get the screws that I have fitting properly. It’s just little things really but all seem fixable. I do need to be careful that when i drill the holes bigger that there is enough material around it still for support. If needed I may be able to also locate some smaller screws. At the moment we are just trying to find the right size drill piece and we are going to test it on the thumb first because if it doesn’t work atleast the hand will just be missing a thumb rather than the other fingers.




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