Part Two Ideas

Depending on how much time I have left once the hand is all assembled and finished, I have been thinking about what else I might like to do as a ‘part two’ for this project. This project has already turned into something much more than I originally thought it would. I wasn’t expecting to make an actual 3D printed prosthetic hand. I was thinking I might have managed to get something small 3D printed but that is it. During this whole project I have be constantly amazed by what 3D printers can produce and how easy it can be. Learning about e-NABLE and what they do really got me excited about all possibilities there are with 3D printing. If I could pick just one message though that I want to share it would be how a 3D prosthetic hand costs you less yet allows you better movement, grip and more options for customization. This potentially means more people can afford a hand and not only that but have a hand specifically made to fit their needs. This message is what I would like ‘part two’ to be about. I am still not sure yet how I am going to present ‘part two’ though.


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