Opportunity for my hand to go to a child

Today I was asked when this project is finished if I would like to donate my hand to a child who is in need of one. There is a 6 1/2 year old girl in New Zealand who I could send it to when I am finished. I would love to do this. Because I have already sent away for the pieces there is a chance that it might not fit but when we scaled the pieces we were aiming for the size to be relevant to a 5-7 year old. So there is a really good chance it will be a perfect fit. If for some reason I don’t end up being able to give the girl the hand because it didn’t quite work they aren’t worried but I would still love to work with them to make sure this girl gets a hand. Because I have chosen to use a different material to normal for the hand I am currently making it is quite possible that i will not get to send this hand to the girl.


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