Additional Material lIst

Along with the 3D printed pieces I also require the following materials to help with assembling the hand. I have ended up purchasing the kit through e-Nable because I was finding it hard to locate all the materials here without having to order them in anyway, which could have taken abit of time. Atleast this way I know I have all the right things. The kit should arrive the end of next week, the same time as the 3D printed pieces from shapeways.

(4 feet) Velcro, double-sided (2” wide)

(8 feet) Non-flexible braided fishing line

(5 feet) Flexible elastic cord (1mm diameter, for smaller hands)

(5 feet) Flexible elastic cord (2mm diameter, for larger hands)

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 2½”

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 2¾”

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 3”

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 3¼”

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 3½”

(1) Aluminum Chicago Screw – 3¾”

(4) Stainless Steel Chicago Screws – ¼”

(3) Stainless Steel Chicago Screws – ⅜”

(6) Stainless Steel Chicago Screws – ½”

(6) Tensioner screws (extra small)

(6) Tensioner screws (small)

(6) Tensioner screws (medium)

(6) Tensioner screws (large)

(10) Lee Tippi Micro Gel Fingertip Grips (only available through e-NABLE.  )

(12 inches) Firm Foam Padding (5 ¾” wide)

(1 roll) Teflon tape


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