Iron Man prosethetic hand

While working on this project I have been following closely the e-Nable facebook page and blog. Reading up about recent testimonials and new hands that have been/ in progress of being designed. Last week there was one that caught my attention. Pat Starace has recently finished designing an Iron man themed children’s prosthetic hand. The hand does not just include the colours of Iron man but many other features too such as a laser, thruster, voice activation and LED lights cycling through animated patterns in the palm. Something else that I think makes this hand extra sleek and aesthetically appealing is that all the cords etc have been hidden away and covered up, unlike the hand I am making where it is all exposed.


In the article Starace says “I had a vision that a 3D printed hand could be both functional and fun. My main goal is to help a child that is going through life with a disability, and facing everyday challenges in their lives, by making them the COOLEST KID in their school. I can only think this will make a great impact on a child during their early years by raising their self-esteem to Super Hero Levels.”

Just as I think I have seen it all, someone comes up with yet another idea pushing 3D printed prosthetics to the next level.

The link to the article is: In the article there is a youtube clip showing all the features of the hand and how it works.


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