Getting resources together

Over the last week I have been in contact with e-NABLE who have supplied me with the digital files  (files designed by Jorge Zuniga) that I will be getting printed to then assemble as a prosthetic hand. I have been working with the other members of my group to edit the digital files by scaling them to a size that the hand should fit a 5-7 year old (making it quite small to help save on cost, especially as this is my first time at this). Also getting them to help me check the wall thickness of the files, as this is very important. Some printers can’t print a file if the wall thickness is too thin. Fortunately I will be getting my files printed through shapeways. Their big industrial printers don’t require very thick walls. I have uploaded the files to shapeways ready to order. I am waiting to hear if the files have passed all of there checks which are done by their technicians. I will receive an email over the next few days to hear if the are good to go with printing them or if I will need to change a few things.

I have chosen to get the pieces printed in the white strong and flexible frosted material that is available through shapeways. This particular material is a good basic cheap material. It isn’t a material that is usually used for this but e-NABLE is always looking for new materials that will do the job. I volunteered to try this material, so there will always be a chance that it doesn’t  end successfully. If it does work well it will be a great cheap material for people to use.

At the moment I am working with Ray to see if we can purchase the other materials here in New Zealand that we require for assembling the model. If we are unable to I will need to purchase the kit online that is available through e-NABLE. I am hoping we will be able to locate all the materials here just so it is one less thing I am waiting for to arrive from overseas. So far there are just a couple of things we aren’t to sure about but have made inquiries to see if they can order them.


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