Project ideas

After talking to the other members of the team we have come up with two ideas of what we would like to make for the final project.

1. 3D scanning and model making: Using the method I came across during the research stages, one of our ideas is to 3D scan and create models of the class/ WITT students/ objects used by the students or something similar and to create a series. Some might just be heads, others body parts or even objects found in F block. This would show just how simple it can be to make a replica of something and morph and alter the appearance even and then get it printed. It would also show how much detail you can get in 3D printing.

2. Make a prosthetic hand: The second idea is to make a prosthetic hand using the files provided by e-nable. Then once the hand is made get a model to use the hand and take photos showing them using the hand representing things like how much weight the hand can hold, grip, ergonomics etc.

We are going to go ahead with making a prosthetic hand or at least attempt too. Back up plan is too at least get a part or two of the hand printed. I think making a prosthetic hand will end the project nicely and bring all the research together.

I am now going to go get in contact again with e-nable and start working with the digital files we will be printing.


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