After all the research I have done on 3d printing and prosthetics, I have gone through and made a list of the key ideas and facts that have stuck out to me and that I think are strong messages to be shared.

– 3d printing is becoming the answer to many problems and solutions.

– It is a technology almost capable of achieving anything and already is advancing way ahead from just printing models. Now printing food, prosthetics, mechanical parts the list goes on.

– Any one is capable of 3D printing and now owning a printer is becoming cheaper and cheaper. A basic one can cost you just a couple 100 US dollars.

– You don’t need fancy expensive software to make something basic and get it 3D printed and there are also many 3D apps available online for people to use.

– You can now get 3D scanners to then make a model from your scan. These can be pricey so instead you can take multiple photos in two loops at different angles to achieve the same result as a 3D scanner.

– The materials you are able to print with is continuously growing. Some include, pasta, chocolate, plastic, ceramics, gold etc.

– 3D printing is huge for the production of prosthetics. This technology is allowing people to be able to afford news limbs etc. Prosthetic hands are being able to be made by individuals at there own home for as little as $50 and the 3D printed hand is giving them more movement, strength, better grip, and the option of personalising their own hand  (colour, attachments, fit) than a prosthetic hand prescribed to them.


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