Where to print?

There are many options for printing. Some places that I have become aware of include Sculpteo and Shapeways, both of these places ship worldwide with reasonable prices and have 3D apps available for you to use. They also have online assistance available to you, as well as a massive range of materials including but not limited to plastic, brass, steel, bronze, silver, sandstone, ceramics, platinum and castable wax. Of course purchasing your own 3D printer is becoming cheaper to do now as well. Prices ranging from anywhere between $100’s and $1000’s. Buying a basic 3D printer for hobby use can be very cheap especially in countries like the USA, Canada, China and Singapore. Costing as little as $150. Something more and more people are doing is purchasing themselves a small 3D printer and then printing pieces using it to make their printer bigger. In New Zealand owning a printer is a lot more expensive as we aren’t quite as advanced in this technology compared to the rest of the world. I found a mini 3D printer advertise at Noel Leemings. It is a pretty basic printer but it still costs so much to own one here in New Zealand (shown below).

2014-10-09 15.02.34


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