3D printing prosthetics

I have been wondering how easy it is to 3D print my own prosthetic hand. Is it achievable for just your ordinary everyday person to print off the parts and put one together. The answer is yes. E-nable, is a company who specialises in 3D printing. You can purchase 3D printers, materials, send files to them to print, find tutorials and even download files already for you to print yourself and then assemble. E-nable has designed a number of different prosthetic hands and put together kits so that people can make their own prosthetic hand. The idea is that you can use the files they supply to alter them to specifically suit your needs. You can also team up with E-nable and purchase a hand and they will give you a person (a child) who is in need of a hand and you make the 3D printed hand and send it to the ‘patient’ or you can also donate money by buying a kit and then the E-nable team puts the hand together and sends it off to a ‘patient’. I think this is just a really awesome thing to be apart of and its so easy to do.  The website http://enablingthefuture.org/

I have been watching a few videos and keeping up to date with their posts, seeing what new hands they are creating and coming up with. Here are a few of my favourites.

The 3D Printed Light Show Hand!


3D Printed Prosthetics.. with a Wolverine Hand!

Not only is their a wolverine hand but E-nable have been making all kinds of super-hero hands for children.  http://www.boredpanda.com/3d-printed-super-hero-prosthetic-limbs-enabling-the-future/


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