3D Printing at a whole new level

3D printers have already proven to be capable of achieving so much. Is there anything that can’t be achieved with this technology?

I have come across some pretty extreme examples of how 3d printing is being used and how people are hoping to use it in the future. 3D printing in New Zealand is only really just getting started compared to the rest of the world. Other countries are already using this technology to print food and have people customise their own meal when they go out for dinner in a restaurant. The US military are considering 3D printing food for their soldiers and 3D printing chocolate could become your new hobby at a reasonable price.

India’s first 3D chocolate printer for less than $1,000:                                     http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/08/07/coming-month-indias-first-3d-chocolate-printer-less-1000/

The US Army is seriously considering 3D printing food on the front lines:

Print Pasta Fazul right on your plate:


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