Project Beginnings

I would really like to use this project as an opportunity to explore an area that interests me, but haven’t really had the chance to previously. I have considered just asking a group of strangers or people who I know and then just coming up with an idea for a project that way but thats abit to ‘ordinary’ for me. This is a good chance for me to learn some new design skills rather than play it safe with just what I already know.

So what interests me –

Apart from graphic/web/interior design , I am very interested in prosthetics and the use of 3D printing as away of producing artificial limbs etc and in general what 3d printers are capable of producing. I have had some experience with 3d printing before, making models and obscure forms to then go away and print them. I would really like to learn more about the use of 3D printing, its future and how it is being used to produce prosthetics. So I am going to base this project around that. What I end up presenting and in what form I am not to sure yet. I am hoping the people I ask to collaborate with will have some ideas to contribute.

The people I am going to go ask to be apart of this project are mostly people I know or know of.  One of them does furniture design, recently designing the beds and cabinets at the New Plymouth Base hospital but is also really interested in prosthetics and already knows so much about it and its future. Good ideas man. The second person I would like to ask works with robotics. I figured this could be really useful, especially when understanding how artificial limbs etc work and the mechanics behind them. Also could provide the project with some interesting outcomes. I am also going to ask IT about the 3d printer and see if they will work with me . As this project develops I might find that I end up asking other people to contribute in some way too.


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