Background designs for Donna

Backgrounds by me:

We talked about doing paint splatters for Donna as a background so I decided to actually make some splatters with watercolour and scan them into the computer.

donna var4  donna var5  edit three edit two  splatter pattern 1188  splatter pattern 2189

Backgrounds by Chloe:

donna splatters

As a group we talked about how we thought maybe using paint splatters might actually make our posters look unprofessional so instead we talked about making a pattern behind Donna, that was kinda tribal/American indian style. We have noticed that Donna wears those kinda patterns abit. Some examples of what we are thinking are as followed. Using these researched examples Elle made a couple of patterns herself shown below also.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  images  istockphoto_7237533-native-american-aztec-mian-pattern-rug-blocky

Backgrounds by Elle:

donna  donna2


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