Working progress

Today as a group we laid out all the drawings we have done for each person and together decided on what elements of each of the drawings we liked and then put them together to create a final drawing of each person. We have ended up combining a few elements from a number of drawings to create the final for each person, as well as adding a few new elements that we thought were necessary. Ebony is going to now tidy up and re create the drawings as a photoshop file, ready for us to then start working with them on the computer. 

As a group we also have decided that the posters should have a background. Some ideas that we came up with for each person are as followed: Ged- Leopard/zebra print, colourful, busy feeling. Peter: “Flim flam” written in bold lettering. Jon: Keep it plain white with lines showing the sections. Donna: Paint splatters. Billy: Spray cans, pineapples, graffiti, spray can marks. Elle, Chloe and myself are going to go away and create some backgrounds ready to show next class and have them ready to start combining them with the drawings Ebony is tidying up. 

Here are a couple of rough drawings Elle did showing some of the ideas we talked about for the backgrounds. 

  10606305_10152438575814219_7609295998020781109_n  10552592_10152438575724219_7892861882063929843_n


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