Concept Drawings

We have all had a go at doing some drawings over this last week. Here is what we have come up with so far. 

Drawings by me: 

2014-08-14 14.02.42  2014-08-14 14.03.35  2014-08-14 14.04.49 2014-08-14 14.05.26  2014-08-14 14.06.10  2014-08-14 14.07.49 2014-08-14 14.08.12  2014-08-14 14.29.00  2014-08-14 14.37.55

Drawings by Elle:

13604_10152433784204219_2410175483140405414_n  10387412_10152433783539219_2087647055769197312_n  10419557_10152433783934219_1553593804392623523_n 10424285_10152433783799219_1591767745266440820_n  10516672_10152433783649219_1820499404719518648_n  10557234_10152433784129219_3950485711742399889_n 10600437_10152433783864219_6903345515432134484_n  10606321_10152433784019219_223747356033015331_n  10610566_10152433783694219_8707215768144961474_n 10615627_10152433783584219_1937049678809462948_n

Drawings by Ebony:

12229  10441520  10455434 10464312  10524328  10574320 10599636  10599711  1554526_911170752230249_3799056176778402601_n 10410090_911170788896912_780809429445946052_n  10570542_911170705563587_4372866990509275591_n  10603222_911170832230241_6596035354630283999_n10526035

Drawings by Chloe:

10307362_832420593435955_4562612479179626612_n  10388652_832420566769291_1557835698637534893_n  10413364_832420576769290_3510642903697351513_n 10550964_832420516769296_6071775086830664828_n  10563037_832420533435961_7222957058646739413_n  10610469_832420600102621_2950649992189235559_n

We have all illustrated each person in similar ways. I really like the idea of Ged having multiple arms and holding different things and Peter being on top of the bus rather than in it driving the bus. I also think instead of chopping Jon into different parts like what Elle and I have done, it would be much more effective if we sectioned the page and did different drawings of him in each section of the page. A bit like what Ebony has started to do in the drawing of Jon she did. Ged’s hair in the drawings Elle has done, I can imagine multiple eyes being in the hair. “Eyes in the back of her head”. 


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