Drawing styles

Here are just a few images that I have found of different drawing styles which I really like. I like how these example have just focused on drawing key outlines and features and then filling them in with colour later. I especially like the Superman and Elvis drawings. They are still very recognisable but at the same time distorted in their own way. Clicking on the images will link you to where they were sourced from.

62026_10152399643804219_2644144285061038886_n  10532805_10152399644464219_8589557258848256852_n86a00ee13c4c6bc42af98babad349d21  images  bcfd5e2dd2e4a382c12b01a3f2399f44  d2a63c49cb574ea710d56ec0667d883d  37f96b64f8abb3c6440d243c4d9a0ea3  b3ae5d33d10b79cac99712e3a74ac625


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