Ideas: Re Think Re Group

Today we came together as a group and shared what new ideas we have had . We have now decided on a new idea for this project. We are going to represent F block as a ‘Transformative space’ in terms of the atmosphere and social space. We talked about using the personalities from F block that we think make F block the way it is (this can be negative or positive). We chose the following people: Ged, Peter, John, Donna and Billy. We want to portray these 5 people in a graphic, Hand-drawn, Cubism, Graffiti style way. We want to include things in each persons image that relates to their personality so it is recognisable to other F-block locals. Below are some words describing what we thought of each person. We are also each going to ask the five people what they think of the other four and include that in our posters too.

2014-08-08 20.09.48  2014-08-08 20.11.35

2014-08-08 20.11.57  2014-08-08 20.12.17

2014-08-08 20.11.42


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