ideas: Re think

After realising that our group had totally mis understood the project. We all decided to go away and think about what F block means to us and think of ‘transformative space’ in terms of social space and the atmosphere of F block and whether or not it has a positive or negative effect.

After thinking hard about this I decided to go back to the brainstorm we did of what a transformative space is, pick a couple of words and come up with ideas from there. Some new ideas that I came up with to share with the group include: Growth- Showing how the people of F block have changed over time or the stages we go through (for example a poster showing someone at their breaking point). Using growth in a different context we could also create a series of posters showing how F block as a physical building has changed and developed over space. Influence- How the atmosphere of F block impacts us. Using simple everyday objects to show this.. like how Peter gave us that example of the orange being squashed sitting on a plinth. I thought instead of the orange something like coffee could be used to demonstrate the same message. Coffee is also some that the people of F block drink a lot of. Another idea I had for influence is doing a series of posters on the tutors and how they influence the student in F block. All these ideas could be positive or negative depending on the person.

Here are some images that I have found and I like the idea of using parts of them as away of illustrating these ideas. I think these images would work quite well with the idea of portraying the atmosphere of F block  or the stages students of F block go through. The top two representing the ‘breaking point’ stage perhaps. Click on one of the images and it will link you to the website where I sourced it from.

dcc74d1ee7a623370850f0b88eb584a1  dc627049f0f929d40b57344efe664f94

                Straumanis, K. (2014, 4 March).                          Straumanis, K. (2014, 23 June).

e7a75569f41c8c30ee6915526b33e7ea  b5ee3924f4aa814b6512da1f17070ac5  1b219c43f98538fdd84d613aec1e89ba

    Nelson, D. (2012, 3 May)                       Bean, K. (2014, 2 July).                        Liu, B. (2011).


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