Ideas: Group Contribution

Below are some images that the other members in the group have found and contributed. I really like the examples that use lines. I like the sense of ‘direction’ that they illustrate and I can imagine being in those spaces and feeling a little uncomfortable as you have all these lines that your unsure which ones to follow and even if your mean’t to follow any. I like the idea of ‘uncertainty’ in the work. Clicking on each image will open up a new tab with a link to the website each one of these were found.

10563119_10152399644344219_6954315650347779418_n  10409631_10152399644019219_2625931233859495343_n

10492221_10152399644189219_7025133475397932832_n  10532805_10152399644464219_8589557258848256852_n

10410931_10152399643944219_3944277098226052585_n  62026_10152399643804219_2644144285061038886_n

10359158_10152399644049219_7872246261555782499_n  1908025_10152399643664219_9029024178870987394_n

1459845_10152399643949219_6156848892529221330_n  984187_10152399644804219_2337407774057180581_n

10563017_10152399643889219_3201059742906562261_n  10552402_10152399644389219_9012826632383874001_n

After sharing all our ideas with each other, we all agreed that we would like to create a series of posters using  lines (like in the bottom image). We were thinking of displaying five posters around the room and then having lines connecting them together. Possible ways of showing the lines, that we came up with were; painting them, using duck tape or string.  We would use the whole room not just the floor or the walls but the ceiling and pipes/ furniture in the room too. The main idea behind this is literally transforming the F block space.


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