Changing a space: Research and Inspiration

Below is a range of examples that I have found of how a space has been changed/ transformed. Some of the examples are more sculptures or installations than others. I really like the idea of  making a space ‘uncomfortable’ for people by placing things around them that’s unusual for that space. This could be seen as positive/negative when referring to F block as a ‘transformative space’. I especially love the first two examples. The first example because it looks at altering a space at a higher level rather than just on the ground or walls and its all still a very useable space for other things too. The second example because I just simply love how they have picked a material unusual for the space and not normally used in that way and just covered the whole interior  with it. Clicking on each image will open up a new tab with a link to the website each one of these were found and where you can read more about each of the designs.

The hanging gardens of Dusseldorf  

             Williams (2013, 26 June).                                      Jobson  ( 2014, 7 February).

3b79b5efd2c15d04c17f5eecd0519908  5f1ef638586142462917dac4058b3432  9dc1c037f4afdd4d173cb2423abf34a1

        Andrade  (2014, 1 July).              Martine. (2014, 30 January).                Freshome. (n.d).

431973913abe90383e50e62f2a73e142  cbd108d898e7e054527a2e3981c300fe  cd6775cca41d0a69130724adf515b75a

       Serie Architects. (2011).      Murdoch, T.M. (2011, 1 August).         Lai, J. (2005, 17 March).

d6475d2f1c0a988a47402b38bf2639b9  tape installation  dce44c4b34629e6ad9dc03ed628ac000

      Lecarolimited. (2011).               Hendrickson, A. (2009).                Chin, A. (2011, 24 August).

interactive candy installation  Panic-Room-02

                Three. (2013, 13 June).                                                     Tilt. (n.d).

elizabeth-street-nyc-graffiti  42b97c8d501664a909f5b6bfada07753

              C-Monster. (2006, 30 November)                                       Silveria, R. (n.d).

After seeing some of these examples I can imagine transforming F block  in a similar way. Instead of the giant inflatable balloon covering the room like in the second example, I can imagine just covering part of an area with sheets that have some sort of design or marks on them. Perhaps tie dye or even just the foot marks and prints left by the people who use F block. That would almost tell a story in itself about the people who use F block.


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